Make Column Headings Numbers instead of Letters - Make R1C1 Style References in Excel 2007

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In Microsoft Excel you reference columns as letters by default - A1, B3, C5, etc. But you can also reference the columns by there number instead of letter. This is called a R1C1 style cell reference in Excel and it is undoubtedly more complicated. However, it does serve a purpose and is often needed for complex array formulas within macros in Excel.

Steps to change columns from letter to numbers - R1C1 style cell references in Excel 2007:

  1. Office Button
  2. Excel Options
  3. Formulas Tab
  4. Working with formulas section
  5. Check "R1C1 reference style."



A1 Style Cell References



R1C1 Style Cell References


Excel Options Menu:

R1C1 Style Cell References

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