Capitalize First Letter of Every Word in a Cell - PROPER Function

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In Excel you can use a function to capitalize the first letter of every word in a cell.  This allows you to prepare your data in Excel quickly and easily.

To do this, we use the PROPER function.






This is the text for which you want every first letter to be capitalized.  This can be a reference to a cell or you can input the text directly in the function so long as you surround it with double quotation marks like this: "your text".

PROPER Function Example

Here we have sample text:

Put the proper function in cell B1 and reference cell A1 for the text argument:

Hit enter and here's the result:

I did this on one cell, but it will really save you a lot of time if you have a large list of data and you need each first letter to be capitalized.  Then, you just enter it for the first cell and copy the function down by double-clicking the quick-fill handle, which is located in the bottom right of any cell that you have selected.

PROPER Function with Hard-coded Text

You will probably never do this but you can.

The result:

Make the New Capitalized Text Actual Text Instead of a Function

Even though cell B1 and B2 look like text, they are actually cells with a function, the PROPER function, inside of them.

To make them actual text, we need copy them and then paste-special their values.

First, select the desired cells:

Hit Ctrl + C:

Hit Alt + E + S + V and then Enter:

Now, both cells B1 and B2 are filled with the text that you see instead of a function.

Excel Function: PROPER()
Downloadable Files: Excel File

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