Calculate the Difference Between Time Greater than 24 Hours in Excel

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Ill show you how to calculate the difference between two times in Excel when that difference will add up to more than 24 hours of time.

This is very similar to the tutorial on summing time greater than 24 hours here on

Here is an example of the problem with the wrong and right output displayed:

To solve the problem, we simply need to format the output cell as [h]:mm:ss  Thats it!

The Time(wrong) and Time(right) cells have the exact same formula:

The ONLY difference is the formatting for the cell.

To get the correct formatting, do this:

Right-click desired cell > Format Cells > Number tab > Custom category > [h]:mm:ss


Its almost annoying how simple this is when you think about all of the hours wasted on trying to figure this out.  Once again, time is a real pain in Excel, but its worth it to master it.

Dont forget to download the spreadsheet for this tutorial so you can better learn how to work with time in Excel!


Downloadable Files: Excel File

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