5 Tips for Passing Values to Macros (VBA) - Beginner to Advanced

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VBA Course

Learn 5 simple tips for how to send values from one macro to another macro in VBA.

These tips start simple, for the beginner, and end with an advanced example for the better way to deal with arrays and multiple vs. single values sent through the parameters/arguments for a procedure.

This tutorial starts off with no assumptions and covers these main topics:

  • How to run one macro from another macro.
  • How to pass single or multiple values to another macro.
  • How to send¬†specific types of values to another macro.
  • How to use optional arguments with functions or macros or procedures in vba.
  • How to pass arrays to other macros in vba.
  • And variations of the above topics, along with explanations of how they work.


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