Excel ToolTips on Mouse Hover for Buttons and Shapes

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Excel trick to add ToolTips to any of your shapes when a user hovers over them in a worksheet, including buttons.

This is a great little trick and I show you how to use it in combination with icons to better describe what buttons do in a worksheet.

Add ToolTips to Selected Shapes in the Worksheet (including buttons)

Sub AddToolTip()
' TeachExcel.com
' Select a Shape, run this macro, and input your ToolTip in the popup window.
Dim selectedShapes As Shape
Dim toolTipText As String
toolTipText = InputBox( _
                Prompt:="Input a ToolTip for the selected shapes.", _
                Title:="ToolTip Input")
For Each selectedShapes In Selection.ShapeRange
    ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add _
        Anchor:=selectedShapes, _
        Address:="", _
End Sub

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