UNIQUE() Function - Excel 365 Function for Removing Duplicates

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Excel 365 Formulas Course

The new UNIQUE() function for Excel 365 allows you to quickly, easily, and simply remove duplicate values from a list using a single, simple formula.

The UNIQUE Function is new for Excel 365, and you must have this version of Excel in order to use it. 

This function allows you to generate a list of unique values, removing duplicates, while keeping the original data set safe and unchanged. This happens because we use a formula to put the new unique list of values into another place on the worksheet.

This function uses the new calc engine and Spill features for Excel 365 and it is pretty cool.

With the UNIQUE() function, you can:

  • Generate unique values based on a single column.
  • Generate unique values on multiple columns.
  • Return entire unique data sets.
  • Return single or multiple specified columns of unique data.

This tutorial shows you many ways to use this new and amazing function.

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Excel Function: UNIQUE()
Excel Version: Excel 365
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