SORTBY() - New Excel 365 Function to Sort Data

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Learn Excel's New Function to Sort Data! This is the SORTBY() function for Excel 365 and it allows you to sort a data set using a formula and it is amazing!

New Excel 365 Formulas Course

The beauty of this new formula for Excel 365 is that it allows you to keep the original data set in place, without making any changes to it, but sort it as many ways as you want using this formula and present the sorted data in a new place on the worksheet. This allows you to be able to view the raw data and sorted data as you wish.

All of this happens with just a single excel function - SORTBY()

In this tutorial you will learn how to do many types of sorts with the SORTBY() function, including:

  • basic single column ascending and descending sorting
  • multiple field sorting
  • returning entire data sets from the sort
  • returning specific columns from the original data set
  • creating custom sort orders
  • using Tables with sorting in Excel

The SORTBY() function is AMAZING!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial

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Excel Function: SORTBY()
Excel Version: Excel 365
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