SEARCH() vs FIND() Function in Excel

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The differences between FIND() and SEARCH() and when to use these functions in Excel - these functions are similar but have important differences.

The FIND and SEARCH functions in Excel are very similar and perform the same task, but in slightly different, but very important, ways.

This tutorial goes through a full explanation of how to use the FIND() and SEARCH() functions and then compares the two functions, showing you the differences and when you should use one vs the other one.

The examples in this tutorial include:

  • Performing case-sensistive searches.
  • Performing wildcard searches.
  • Equalizing cases so that you can use either function (FIND or SEARCH) regardless of the contents of the cell or search value.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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Excel Function: FIND, FINDB(), SEARCH, SEARCHB()
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