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I work at a hotel and I have a form that I use at work to calculate the time/number of rooms being done. I have the formulas all set up to calculate some of it but I still have to average out the minutes from all the different groups. If I have a set number of groups, I would be able to just put the formula in but somedays I have 6 times to average, somedays I have 8. The number varies. Is there a formula to use where I could set up the average function and just put in the number of items? 

For example: One day I could need to average out 1.52, 1.65, 1.89, 1.48, 1.59 and the next day I could have to average out 1.52, 1.65, 1.89, 1.48, 1.59, 1.12, 1.87, 1.45, 1.26. 

And the numbers aren't all in a row, they are spread out. So right now I am just using the = then selecting all the cells to add together and then in a different cell, I divide that by however many numbers I have. I'd like to be able to do that all in one cell. Is that possible?




You you the AVERAGE() function like this:


Type a comma and then select the next cell or range that you want to average.


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