Formula Wizard - Can't pick cell from other sheet


Dear All,

i've a strange problem. With office 2007 when i'm using the formula wizard (when we click on Fx and we have a form with textbox for each parameter), if i click in any cell of the active sheet, the cell address appers on formula with no problem.

If i try to change the sheet to pick a cell on that sheet, windows do a error sound and i can't change to another sheet.

No error message box appears, just the sound.

I've 2 computers with same office, 1 one works on the another don't.

There is any parameters? or fix for this?




Weird. Do you have any macros running in these workbooks? Also, what function are you trying to input?
don (rep: 1551) Aug 18, '16 at 1:05 pm
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