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problem show message when match date in combobox with header



I don't understand why pops message box despite of matching selected date from combobox1 with headers in row4 .

by the way the original code was working when indicates to row1.

I'm talking about th problem in theses lines 

 With Sheets("stock").[a4].CurrentRegion
        col = Application.Match(CLng(d), .Rows(4), 0)
        If IsError(col) Then MsgBox "Can not get column matches to " & Me.ComboBox1: Unload Me: Exit Sub

I hope the experts guide me where is my bad !



Selected Answer

Hi again Tubruk

You're trying to use Match to look up a date (e.g. 02/12/2023 in dd/mm/yyyy format) in the header row but your code has:

    With Sheets("stock").[a4].CurrentRegion

which is the range $A$4:$H$1599 i.e. the area inside the first fully blank rows and fully blank columns you reach when moving away from the sratr range i.e. cell A4 . You can check by putting this in the VBA's Immediate window:

Debug.Print Sheets("stock").[a4].CurrentRegion.Address

When you have:

        col = Application.Match(CLng(d), .Rows(4), 0)

.Rows(4) equates to row 7 of your worksheet (not row 4) so you get an error since there aren't any matching dates in row 7.

To correct it, just change your test line to:

        col = Application.Match(CLng(d), .Rows(1), 0)

Hope this makes sense and helps. If so, please remember to mark this Answer as Selected.



thank you so much ,John
tubrak (rep: 24) Mar 28, '24 at 2:06 pm
Glad that helped. Thanks for selecting my Answer, Tubrak
John_Ru (rep: 6142) Mar 28, '24 at 3:41 pm
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