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autonumbering the same number for duplicated item



I have   many  duplicates items  in  column B    should  incerement  in  column A  ,  but  when  incerement  should  take  the  same  number   for   each duplicates item  , I  don't want to  affect  autonumbering  when  filter  or  delete rows . should  keep   the  numbers as  in  first  case when autonumbering  .

I  put  the  numbers  in  column A  for  each  duplicates item in column B .

I  no  know  if  it's possible  doe  that  by  formula.

formula  or  vba  doesn't  make  difference to  me .



Selected Answer


In the attached file, I put a zero in cell A1 (but it isn't visible since the font colour matches the cell fill) then the formula in A2 is:


and that is copied down column A

This means the number repeats but increases by 1 when the value in column B changes.

You can use Autofilter on that column successfully but an error will occur if you delete a row (for example, since the A1 referenced cell will no longer exist).

If that is a possibility, you can use the OFFSET function instead of absolute addressing. This produces a longer formula but the values in column A are not affected when a row is deleted. Here's the formula used in A2 (and copied down) in the second file attached below:

=IF(B2=OFFSET(B2,-1,0), OFFSET(A2,-1,0),OFFSET(A2,-1,0)+1)

In other rows, the bold bits will be changed but the offset amounts remain unaltered.

Hope this is what you need.



thanks ,
  but  I  don't  want  affecting   when  delete or  filter row   as  I  said.
I  tested  when  delete  the  number  in  column A  will  show error.
Malkal (rep: 6) Oct 5, '22 at 3:38 am
I didn't understand the wording of your question, sorry. Might look later. 

You should expect errors when formula is used and you delete rows! 
John_Ru (rep: 4282) Oct 5, '22 at 4:30 am
when I  delete row  should  not  affect  autonumbering   in  column A  if  you  don't  have  any  formula  in  column A  and  write  manually  numbers  in  column A    and  delete  one  of  the  rows  , it  will  keep  numbers  for  the  others  rows without  any change  . this  is  what  I  look  for  it , I  no  know  if  the  formula  can  do  it.
Malkal (rep: 6) Oct 5, '22 at 5:56 am
Maklal- please see my revised Answer and second file.
John_Ru (rep: 4282) Oct 5, '22 at 7:15 am
perfect !
many  thanks  John ! 
Malkal (rep: 6) Oct 5, '22 at 7:41 am
Great! Thanks for selecting my Answer, Maklal.

I just corrected a couple of typos in my Answer.
John_Ru (rep: 4282) Oct 5, '22 at 7:44 am
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