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I am adding text into a web page where the functionality on the form only appears once you Have entered data and triggered the key up event. This works manually but when info is entered in vba the event does not trigger. This cannot then be triggered manually by just hitting enter in the page after vba is used for input. Also sendkeys does not help either  

Anything else I can try?  I can see the event and event macro name. 



Hi Philbo snd welcome to the Forum

Not sure I can help you but when you say  "I can see the event and event macro name" do you mean from the webpage perspective?

Can you edit your question, using the Add Files button, to attach a representative Excel file please?
John_Ru (rep: 1917) Sep 12, '21 at 12:12 pm
Thanks for the quick reply. In answer to your question Yes, when I inspect the object in the page I can get at the object definition. If I enter info manually and hit enter other buttons become visible on the page courtesy of the countcharsandwords event. If I use VBA to fill the textarea the event is not triggered. I have tried focussing on other objects, and VBA sendkeys neither trigger the event.

PhilBo Sep 13, '21 at 12:03 pm
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In the absence of your Excel file and the website URL, I can only say that the Microsoft guidance on KeyDown, KeyUp events says KeyUp occurs when SendKeys is used in VBA but elsewhere they say

"The KeyUp event does not occur when you press:

The Enter key if the form has a command button for which the Default property is set to Yes.

The Esc key if the form has a command button for which the Cancel property is set to Yes."

Suggest you try:

SendKeys {UP}
or same using some other non-text character code.

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