How to create a Destination file that is linked to a Source on Excel offline?


I am struggling with an excel feature regarding creating a Source and Destination workbook.

My Source data comes from the web using which I must create dashboards on Power BI. But before that, I make few changes to the Source data such that it is suitable for Power BI and represents certain information.

Since I have to make these changes to the Source data , I cannot directly link the data for automatic updates on Power BI. (Using from Web option) And also my Source data is updated with new rows every week.

So the idea here is to create a Destination excel sheet with all necessary columns to connect on Power BI. And then download the Source file and create a link.

With the help of this link, every week when I download new Source data report, and refresh my Destination file, it should get updated with the new rows.

And as the Destination file will be linked to Power BI, my dashboards will also be updated with new information.

How can I make this happen? I am not excel expert and really need help!!

(I need new rows from Source file to be updated in Destination file as well have the additional columns be updated).

PS I did try to link the two workbooks using "=" for the first cell, but when I convert this range to Table I get SPILL error.


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