Small problem with the conditional formatting of a cell


I want to display a green button if the value of each cell in column N ( from N3 to N12 is less than 75%, a yellow button if it is between 75 and 90% and a red if beyond 90%

0n my example the value of N10 is 81% so i expect it to be yellow

what is wrong ???



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Not sure what's happing here. Cell N10 appears to have only one conditional formatting rule and (as you say) according to that rule the 81% value should give a yellow icon.

I cleared all the conditional formating from N3:N12 and applied a single rule with an icon set with Green >90%, yellow >75% and red otherwise. That seems to give the correct result for N10 (see attached file) but I noted that in your file you had rules per cell and sometimes the icon order was reversed (was that deliberate?)

Hope this helps.



Thank you so much 
it was my mistake !!! not deliberate
robertpellan (rep: 4) Nov 23, '20 at 8:37 am
Thanks for selecting my answer, Robert
John_Ru (rep: 502) Nov 24, '20 at 8:10 am
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