How to send emails automatically based on conditional formatting values


I would like to send auto emails to different people during different times in the year using conditional formatting through excel. When my conditional formatting notes there are 60 days left before an expiration date, I want certain people emailed about that automatically. I also want emails auto sent when there are 30 days left before the expiration date. I want them sent to specific people on my excel file. Can anyone help with that? 

I need an email alerting certain people about their expiration dates based on the conditional formatting. 

Please help, thank you. 




Your are planninging to harness the cart to the horse. It isn't conditional formatting that can trigger the sending of an email. Instead, it's the conditions that control the formatting that can also be made to trigger other actions. To automatically send an email you would need to employ VBA.

In fact, once you have VBA examine your data for certain conditions I would recommend to use it for setting cell formats as well, including colours, because it brings more flexibility to the job, and more transparency, too.

Unfortunately, this is all the help this forum can offer you at this stage. Once you have some code that is doing the job - or trying to - we can help you improve it. We can also advise you on how to use specific functions of Excel or VBA which might challenge your knowledge once you settle down into programming.


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