Pleqase help me formulae


I want to set up formulae of main sheet under price regulations sheet



Please edit your question to provide the following information:
1. How are the totals of 90,090 calculated in Main!(i6), 18,018 in Main!(i7) and 10,296 in Main!K8) calculated? Which values in Price Regulation are used for their calculation?
2. On the Price Regulation tab, what is the rule underlying "2000 GR" in the "URGENT" category? Does it mean that any quantity up to 2000GR is charged at that given price? Is this price a surcharge on the Normal price? Is it for 2000GR or for each of 2000 GRs?
3. It might help to know what does "GR" stands for.
4. Why is the group "50 - GR" missing from the list of Internal Province?
5. Clarify: "50 - 100GR" and "100 - 250GR" has the overlapping value of 100. This can't work. You should specify like "50 to <100" and "100 to <250" etc. or ">50 to 100" and ">100 to 250" etc. The error is present in all your groups. Make sure all groups are defined similarly. The logical first group is ">0 to 50" because 0GR will never happen but "0 to <50" is equally acceptable even if not equally logical.
You may like to provide the above information by changing the workbook attached to your question. Edit the post to enable replacement.
Variatus (rep: 3838) Jan 10, '20 at 4:40 am
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