Find and Replace with


Find  the http word in the  first sheet  of xyz file and if found then replace that ===

Note that it will be http://xyz or abc like that but we have to look for only http and if its found then replace http://xyz or abc complete cell data with === this 

i need a vba macro to do the same 

so plz have a look and do needful

sheet name can be anything

and this file is not opened we have to open this file by vba

vba code will be placed in a seperate file  both the files are located in same place

assume file name is xyz.xlsx

we have to do the process and save and close the file 




You should take a piece-by-piece approach and at least try to put something together.

The main pieces are:



Hi Don
This sort of looks like an excel execise from some sort of training.
We must have passed, by now, given the number of units we have completed for various people. I wonder how we scored ;-)
k1w1sm (rep: 197) Oct 15, '19 at 10:03 pm
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