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I'm sure this is real easy but I don't know how to ask the question to get the answer.

I work for a company that has 40 vans at this time.  I am in charge of the maintenance of those vans, I need to be able to enter information on the work that needs to be done on each vans page so I have record of it.  If a van is in the shop and out of service I need the information to show up on the front page telling me the info about each van on the page so I dont have to go to each page and look it up.

I also need it to tell me if the vans are in need of service in another place on the front page as well. I have a colum that I put a Y if its in the shop a N of it needs service and blank if does not need attention or has been completed.

 Example  Van 1031 is in the shop having brakes done  I need all the info on that van to be on the front page  The van also needs to go to the dealer when it is finished with the brakes to have a warrenty issue fixed.

Van 1040 needs an oil change  I need that info pulled to the front page so we know that it needs to go to the shop

Right now my workbook has 42 pages.  

Lost,  Thanks



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Hi halos02

Yes this can be done and itcan be as easy or as hard as you like to make it.

I guess that when you say you want to see all the vehical data you only need to see significant vehical otherwise all you data would have been entered on the front sheet.

You colud use something like


This just displays the value from another sheet on this sheet.

You can do this by selecting the cell where you want the data to be displayed enter an = sign then navigate to the piece of data, select it and press enter.

Once you have done this come back here and tell us what you do or don't like and how you would like it to be a bit more sophisticated.

Like haveing the lines coloured according to the state.



When I have a vehicle that needs to go to the shop I put a Y in a box that says shop.  That information goes in a box that is red on the front page  If I put a N then i need ti to go to the yellow box on the front sheet.  Once the Y or N is removed it should no longer show up.  I need it to populate the top line and fill in the empty ones as it goes.
halos02 (rep: 2) Oct 10, '19 at 9:01 am
I tried the requirements but it didnt do what I needed
halos02 (rep: 2) Oct 10, '19 at 10:17 am
Hi halos
If I was doing this I would use macros and as Variatus has pointed out there is a certain amount design and detail required.  
For example the names of your 42 sheets or just one for starters.
What Column headings wyou need on the Summay Sheet.
I would guess that each of you  2 sheets have a different number of rows
k1w1sm (rep: 197) Oct 10, '19 at 4:33 pm
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You are right. It isn't a big deal getting data from 42 pages and display them on one. The big deal is to design that one page so that it shows the data that you need in a format that makes it easy to read at a glance. (Tip: Add buttons next to each piece of information which, when clicked, opens the van's own page where you can see more details. Add a button to each of the van pages which takes you back to the Front Page.)

So, please design the Front Page using place holders or examples. Then post your workbook with any question you might have at that time. The entire workbook will be needed because different methods will be employed to fetch data, depending upon how they are stored, sometimes also what kind of data it is.



How do I post my notebook?

So i may have 30 issues over time on 1 vehicle  every once in a whille I will need to take that van to the shop.  When I put a Y in the box notating that it needs to go to the shop, then I need that info to be duplicated on the front page  when it is finished at the shop I will clear the Y and it should only show on the original page.
What is that called?  I want to look on youtube and see how to do that.
halos02 (rep: 2) Oct 10, '19 at 10:24 am
Under your post there is an "Edit" button. In Edit mode scroll down below your post and look for "Add files to your post" or words to that effect. Click, browse to the workbook you want to upload and upload it. Save the changes to your post.
"That info" in "then I need that info to be duplicated on the front page" is what I refer to as "data". It could be just the "Y" you mention or a sentence or page of text. It's of equal importance to know what "that info" is and where to put it. The "front page", as you may know, has several hundreds of millions of cells. You may want "that info" in one cell or a few dozen. Until you create a design it's impossible to know what you have in mind.
Variatus (rep: 3378) Oct 10, '19 at 10:58 am
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