How to create a list from a specific website with VBA?


Hey, Guys 

I want to list the games from this website ( using VBA. Besides that, I would like an update button.




Well in the forum we are glad to help you build this, but we don't take orders to build it like you are ordering a pizza lol. Try and make it and come back here when you have at least tried or have a specific question and we will be more than happy to help. This tutorial should get you started with the web part:  Login to a Website using a Macro
don (rep: 1745) Jul 6, '19 at 6:25 pm
Or give it a try with power query. I don't know which version of Excel you are working with. But in office365 you can find it under the Data tab (Get & Transform Data) and choose for "From Web". Maybe that can help. Cheers Jan
JanB (rep: 10) Jul 17, '19 at 3:16 am
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