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On the "Presenatation Data" sheet  I am using a COUNTIF function to remove , previously used id numbers to avoid duplicates. But the formula that I am using has lost the 1st number in the list ie.1 which has been used and consequently the 2nd column does not read correctly against the preliminary column. The (Entries!$B$10:$B$104) refers to the target sheet that the application forms are recorded on, If I put A1 in place of a2 I get the same error. Help appreciated . Thanks Jim



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I believe that your Header in Column A throws off the Rows by a factor of '1'.  Try subtracting 1 from your formula. in cell B2 I used ..  



Brilliant ! Spot On! Thanks very much, I can now move on. 
Jim W (rep: 14) Feb 12, '19 at 9:10 am
Sorry as you can see I have removed the Question
Jim W (rep: 14) Feb 13, '19 at 9:51 am
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