1. I have data in Sheet 1 having 2 columns name Description and Criteria_T and in Criteria_T "*" is used for advanced filtering criteria for text filter i.e. Criteria range

2. In sheet 2 I have "Criteria_T" Column Header which is having different data and needs to filtered using Criteria_T as "criteria range" which is dynamic as description data keeps on changing. 

Result: I need to filter data in sheet 2 under "Criteria_T" automatically "as I filter down values in description and Range_T(being the criteria Range) in Sheet 1 

Please help me out with vba code.




You may not get the result you want because you succeed in telling how you want the solution to be achieved but fail in describing what the solution is. On the first count, "filtering" is a worksheet tool and not necessarily best applied by VBA. If you want a VBA solution don't insist on using filters. On the second count, how do you imagine the user would select "Criteria_T" and what would the result look like on Sheet2? (perhaps add a fourth sheet to show the filtered result.) Your use of the word "automatic" suggests a series of clicks which produce the result, meaning you imagine something you haven't explained.
However, sadly, after you fix all those problems with your question, no one will want to write the code for you. The "industry standard" is that you should show an effort, some feeble (at least) start of trying to reach a solution on your own.
Variatus (rep: 4544) Jan 18, '19 at 3:57 am
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What if you make your ranges TABLES? Tables will automatically update range if you add info below them.



Thanks for the reply. 

But the criteria range is not updating. 

If you could pls share your mail Id  I ll share the sheet for better understanding. 

Dilmen Jan 18, '19 at 12:23 am
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