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Hi - I was working on an Excel spreadsheet via RSA token at home. I saved and closed the file then logged off the network.  I am usually able to open the file on my laptop without connecting to the network. It would not open while I was logged off, and it will not open now that I have reconnected.  Please help!  None of my other spreadsheets are affected - including a spreadsheet I saved and closed at the same time.

I saw someone suggesting that I click: Home>Easy Access>Work Offline -- but I cannot find the "Easy Access" tool in Excel.



Fortunately, by the time I was done typing in the forum... I looked at the file again and the grey X was gone, and I was able to open the spreadsheet... but still would like to know what happened.
Allison (rep: 6) Sep 11, '18 at 9:07 pm
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Essentially, if you are able to open a file while not connected to the network, the file must be saved on your computer. If you are able to open the file from another location, the implication is that a copy of that file exists somewhere else, a location accessible from the network. Finally, if the file you open from another location is identical to the one you last saved on your computer (probably laptop in this case), there must be a program which keeps the two copies of your file in sync.

Therefore you should look for an explanation for your experience in the syncing process. You might, for example, have shut down your laptop before the syncing was complete, or the network connection wasn't stable at the time. Something prevented completion of the syncing process.

When you tried to access the file again the system detected this deficiency and gave you the grey X. However, the system is also built to normalise such situations. Probably, after you reconnected to the network the syncing could be completed and the file was released for normal use as a result.


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