I can't open another excel file when userform is active


Why I'm not able to open another excel file(to refer some data)while data entry to my userform? is it supposed to be like that?




Yes. When a user form is opened that form takes ocntrol and will retain control until it is hidden or unloaded.

This is caused by the default parameter 'vbModal' as in

UserForm1.Show vbModal
You don't have to add this parameter in your code because VBA will presume it is there. However, if you wish to show the form and still be able to use Excel you should show it modeless, like this.
UserForm1.Show vbModeless
Don't shout "Eureka" yet. There are drawbacks to working with modeless forms (which is why MS made modal the default). Consider, instead, to either open the other workbook before you show the form or have the form's VBA open it for you.

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