Tiered Pricing


Service Description                   Volume          Unit Price              Total Price    

Up to 3 Accounts                                                 $14.95         

 Each Additional Account                                     $10.00                          $0.00

My goal is to be able to enter a number into the cell directly under 'volume' and have it distribute the value if above 3 to the cell below and then calculate the total. For instance, if the customer has 10 accounts it should be 3 (at $14.95) in the top volume cell and then 7 (7x$10) in the bottom cell with a total price of $84.95.



Selected Answer

In a worksheet where Volumne is in B2, C2 = 14.95 and C3 = 10.00 the formula below would throw out the result you want.

The logic is that $14.95 would be charged for any quantity up to 3.

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