To extract data from multiple cells matching to a unique number

Batch # Item Name Result Needed 2017-63 Mango Mango, Carrot 2017-64 Orange Orange, Beans 2017-292 Apple Apple, Peas 2017-63 Carrot Mango, Carrot 2017-64 Beans Orange, Beans 2017-292 Peas Apple, Peas

I need help to get the result as above using Formula in Excel




Look up the VLOOKUP function in Excel help. It will help you find any data from a row which has an identifier. For example, if you know the number "2017-63" you can find the description "Mango". Normally, all of that wouldn't be on the same tab, however, at least not in the same table.
I think if you use Excel Help you will probably find all the guidance you need. You might also google for VLOOKUP and find examples. But if you need more help than that post a copy of your workbook and we shall design a formula for you that you can use right away.



VLookup can bring only one text.. I need to combine multiple text pertained to one specific value.. 
Christo22 Oct 25, '17 at 6:25 am
There is no function to read more than one cell at a time but the results of multiple Vlookups can be combined into one cell.
Variatus (rep: 2688) Oct 25, '17 at 6:36 am
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