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I want to list all my common meal components with Weight Watchers point values. Then be able to somehow indicate the ones I want to count and have the SUM of the column only reflect those. I have looked a little into check boxes and IF and ISBLANK options and realized I'm WAY out of my depth here. Can someone please help?

Thanks very much




There are many ways you could do this.

  • You can use a SUMIF() function or SUMIFS() function.
  • You can Filter the data to display only what you want and use the SUBTOTAL() function.
  • You could also turn the data into a 'Table' and apply a sum to the desired column.

For sake of ease, I would just filter the data (Data tab > Filter > click the drop-down arrow in the desired column and select the values to sum and hit OK) and then use a SUBTOTAL() function like this:


This will sum the data that appears in cells A2 to A10; change that range reference to where the data will be that you want to sum.



Thanks, I ended up finding a friend that helped me devise this:

=SUMIF( B4:B34, "<>", D4:D34 )

Which checks column B for any input at all, and adds the value from D if there is any.
NT40LanMan May 15, '17 at 3:01 pm
Great solution! You can also combine this with a checkmark marcro to make it so you just double-click a cell and it adds a checkmark to it and then use that checkmark column to determine if you should SUM or not.

Also, please add your comment as an Answer and select it so that future users can see it and benefit from it!
don (rep: 1825) May 16, '17 at 11:02 am
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