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I have seven employees for whom I would like to create a rotating appointment schedule.  I would like to list the employees in order, then when a client calls to make an appointment, enter the appointment day and time and the customer's name, have Excel reference the employee work schedule, choosing the first employee on the list who is scheduled to work during the appointment time, then move that employee to the "Employee" cell associated with that customer.  I would then need to have a "Complete" button to return that employee to the bottom of the "Available" list and to clear the customer, day, and date information.  

On the "Appointments" tab of the attached Excel File I show the Employee Available List, 4 slots for appointments, and the location of the "Complete" button.  On the "Schedule" tab I have entered the employee's schedules.  

I presume this needs a macro, but would appreciate any insight or direction.

Thank you!  Carl




Hi Carl!

as don would probably mention, this is quite a bit of work you need done. You need an entire template made and are far from complete.

You should go to a template website and download a scheduling template there. There is a chance you can find a complete template that works or maybe you will need to come back here to get help with it, but that will get you jump-started on getting your scheduling system up and running instead of starting from scratch.

Here is microsoft's Excel template page for scheduling - they have many choices.


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