Trying to determine total number of units for Case pack/inner pack requirements


I'm trying to create a formula that will help my coworkers determine the number of units to key on an order that fulfil the customer's case pack/inner pack requirements.  For example, customer has requirements of 24/case 3/inner.

I want to come up with a simple excel formula where they type in our total number of units available and it will calculate the number of units we can key to satisfy their pack requirements.

For instance, if we have 119 units, we can only send them 117 units.  24x4=96 7x3=21, 96+21=117.

Any ideas??



Nice username ;). Honestly I'm confused about where you got the number 4 and the number 7 in the above calculations.
cappymer1 (rep: 120) Mar 26, '17 at 3:09 am
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