Trouble with Margins not being equal.


I have the margins set to be equal on both left and right side of the page. When it prints or when you look at print preview the right hand side of the page has about 1CM more space than the left hand side. I could see this being uselful if it was on the left hand side so then it could be used as extra space for the binder rings. However, it is on the right hand side of the page. I have checked every button possible on my printer settings and no fix so it has to be something within Excel that I am missing. Any help would be approciated. 





I have run into similar issues before and the problem ended up being that the printer needed that extra space in order to feed the paper through, which means that there will always be a little extra margin that the printer needs. You can see this when you try to print a full page photo.

If you want the margins to look exactly the same, try adding some extra margin to the left hand side 

Unfortunately, Im not sure there is an easy fix for this. :/



Thanks Don! That makes sense.
lrbumpas Mar 18, '17 at 9:16 am
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