convert feet'inches"sixteenths into decimal


Im trying to convert a text input to be used in an equation. I need to convert Feet'Inches"sixteenths into a decimal. I have found a formula for Feet'Inches" but none for sixteenths. Do I need to round to inches first? How can I make this work?



I'm not completely familiar with the end format that you need. If you can provide a sample of how it should look before and after, it would be easier to help.
don (rep: 1521) Jan 12, '17 at 1:44 am
lumber span is referenced from another source as 24'06"03, I need to get this into number format to run formulas. I would like to round up to the nearest even feet. The formula I found works if I delete the sixteenths portion. Im looking to calculate the total linear foot of individual products from a lumber list. A quantity of 8 boards at 24'06"03 is 200' or 208' would be ideal.
ChadH Jan 12, '17 at 9:13 am
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