Trying to create a formula for descriptions to be added if a code is entered


I have 2 sheets within one excel document, one is the front sheet and the other is a sheet which contains codes and their corresponding descriptions & prices.

I need one cell to automatically change to the description when the code is entered into another box (I have a drop down for all codes). 

I already have a formula which is for another cell to show the prices of a code when the code is selected from the drop down box (=SUMIF('LBBD Pricework Rates'!A3:A104,'Subbie Weekly Sheet'!C11,Prices)) I have tried to copy that and change the details accordingly but it wont work. 




Sounds like you need a basic VLOOKUP() function.

=VLOOKUP(value to lookup, table with data, which column to get data from, FALSE)

Value to lookup is the cell with the code.

Table with data is the raw data on the other sheet. Make sure the left-most column of data that you select contains the codes.

Which column to get the data from the data comes from the table you selected in the last argument. The left-most column is 1 and the next one is 2 etc.

FALSE means to perform an exact match.

I couldn't give you the exact formula because you didn't include a sample file, but the above description should do it.


If you have already got the answer, fine. Else, i have enclosed a sample excel sheet. In the second sheet, i have listed 18 codes. you can change them to your convenience.

The list of numbers (in the first sheet) can take only 18 codes. If you want to expand the same, you can increase the length of the list in the second sheet and expand the list range in the data validation of first sheet (from D4: D21 to D4:D50) or whatever the length you require.


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