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OK so heres something I'm finding particularly difficult  (and I'm not expert).

I'm trying to convince myself that it would be possible to automate a sheet I use at work that allows me to enter a list of staff working that day and the shifts they are working, in put what skills they have, stipulate if they have any abstractions that day (eg a meeting) and then slot those staff into roles that need filling that day. (Basically this is a sort of call centre with different phone lines for different subjects/skills).

Eg: 50 staff are working various shifts in a 24hr hour period, most of them can do role 1, 2, 3 and 4 but some can't do role 1 or 2. 1 of them has a meeting between 1200 and 1300. I need 4 people to do role 1 between 0700 and 1200, and then 6 people to do role 1 between 1200 and 0700, I need 2 people to do role 2 all day (but no one should do the same role for more than say 6 hours). Etc etc. Oh and they all need to have 30 minute meal break around halfway through their 9 hour shift, and 2 15 minute screen breaks (1 either side of their meal beak) and if possible they all need to have a fair amount of exposure on each role they are skilled in.

Assuming I haven't confused you all, does this sound feasible and if so where do I start.

I wait with great anticipation.




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hehe wow, yea. So, this IS feasible but it is also quite a large undertaking given all of your business rules.

Basically, you did the first step: figure out the business rules. Now, you need to implement them. Honestly, Excel probably isn't the best software to do what you want, not sure what is, but it can be done.

What I would do is to search for scheduling templates, through the Excel interface and also regular search engines,for employees and see what I can find. Then, see which one is closest to what I am looking for and go from there. Basically, there is no point to start at the beginning if you don't have to do so.



Thanks for your advice. I expect you are right in suggesting I look for pre designed software, which will cost money bit probably well worth it in the long run. 
Leeland23 (rep: 2) Oct 26, '16 at 3:04 am
Yes, to be honest, that's true. I mean, I've done paid consulting for people and made quite sophisticated systems in Excel just because they felt more comfortable using Excel, so it comes down to preference and money in the end. But, search for some scheduling templates first and see what you can find, you might get lucky!
don (rep: 1969) Oct 26, '16 at 12:03 pm
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