working out the totals of different validation options selected


Hi i'm trying to figure out how i can work out the totals of difrent selected answers from a validation data cell (if that sound correct..)

i have set up a colum of cells that each contain 7 options (using valiadation data) these will be selected by other people and are not numerical. I would then like to be able to set up ...something that will work out the total number of each each option selected so it can be trasfer to a pie chart. 

ie. the options are black, white, grey, blue.

it will then tell me how many of each are selected in the column

Black 15

white 2 etc 

i will then be able to move this data to a chart.

hope you can help and i've explaned the problem i'm a bit of a fool when it comes to excel.




sorry, i've sorted it - i needed to move the data to a pivot table then from there make my chart.


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