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Open Excel 2007 Files with Previous Versions of Excel

The problem with Excel 2007 is that it uses a new file format ".xlsx" and this is not compatible with previous versions of Excel. Now, you have the option of saving your spreadsheets in Excel 2007 in the format of Excel 97-2003 Spreadsheets, but you may be emailed or sent spreadsheets which have not been converted and you can therefore not open the files.

The solution to this is to download the file format converter from Microsoft. This will allow you to open all file formats from the entire Office 2007 Suite, including Excel 2007, in previous versions of Office and Excel. In addition, it allows you to save documents in the new file formats for Excel 2007 from previous versions of Excel.

Excel 2007/2003 File Converter
     A Free Compatibility Software Package from Microsoft which allows you to open all Excel & Office 2007 documents in Excel & Office 2003 programs. This is a must for anyone who has not yet upraged to Office 2007.

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