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Office 2010 Class #17: How To PowerPoint Tricks

1) Open PowerPoint
2) Save As with Name "My2ndPP" in PowerPoint Class Notes
3) Title Slide
4) Slide Pane
a. Slide Pane, click below slide until you see horizontal flashing line, then hit Enter to add new slide
5) Placeholders
a. Click on Edge to move or resize
b. Ctrl + Enter is keyboard to jump to next placeholder. If you are in last placeholder in last slide, Ctrl + Enter adds new slide.
6) Navigation
a. Shift key
b. Ctrl key
c. Ctrl + End
d. Ctrl + Home
7) Bullets (on slides or in Outline Pane):
a. Tab moves forward
b. Shift Tab moves backward
8) Outline Pane
a. Allows you use Tab and Shift + Tab for bullets and new slides
9) Themes on Design Ribbon
a. Colors
b. Fonts
c. Effects
10) Transitions Ribbon tab
a. Remember to hit the "Apply To All" button
11) Run Slide Show
a. Start slide show at slide 1 = F5
b. Start slide show at current slide = Shift + F5
c. Move slide forward during slide show = Up Arrow
d. Move slide backward during slide show = Down Arrow
e. Jump to a certain slide number during slide show = # of Slide, Enter
f. Stop slide show and go back to edit mode = Esc
12) Layout for Excel Slide
a. Title Slide
b. Title and Content
c. Two Content
13) Slide Master
a. Allows you to do universal changes for a particular Layout (like Animation)
b. The Top Slide Master allows you to apply changes to all the slides.
c. If you choose individual Layouts, you can apply changes you just the individual layouts and not all the slides.
14) Animation Ribbon tab
a. Select items (placeholders or objects) and apply Animation
b. Use Animation Pane to change order of animations
15) Views:
a. Normal
i. Slide tab
ii. Outline tab
iii. Notes
b. Slide Master
i. Allows Universal Changes
1. Example: Animation
c. Slide Sorter
16) Notes
a. Click below slide and type
b. When printing, select Notes
17) Printing
a. Print Slides?
b. Print Layout and Handouts
c. Orientation
d. Edit Header and Footer
i. Slides
ii. Notes and Handouts
18) Video
a. Link from YouTube

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