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Office 2010 Class #18: Excel Intro Project 01: Data, Formatting, Formulas, Page Setup

Download files at: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/AllClasses/216_2003/216/busn216.htm
Topics Covered in Video:
1) Rows
2) Columns
3) Cells
4) Worksheet
5) Workbook
6) Selection cursor is the "thick white cross with a slight black shadow" cursor.
7) Text aligned Left
8) Numbers aligned right
9) Entering data
a. Highlight Cell Range first, then use Enter: At bottom of column, cursor jumps to top of next column
10) Entering data or formulas:
a. Enter goes down
b. Tab goes right
c. Ctrl + Enter keeps cell selected
11) Fill Handle
a. After you select a cell the little black square in the lower right corner.
12) Cross Hair or "Angry Rabbit"
a. This black cross cursor that allows you to click on the Fill Handle and drag the cell to copy numbers, text or formulas.
b. Double Click Fill Handle with Angry Rabbit and the formula is automatically copied down (if there is stuff in column to left or right or below)
13) Stylistic Formatting
a. Borders
b. Fill
c. Font Color
14) Number Formatting
a. Façade that sits on top of the numbers
b. The number that is actually in the cell can be different than what you see in the cell
c. Format Cells dialog box keyboard = Ctrl + 1
15) Formulas
a. Equal sign start all formulas
b. Built-in functions like SUM or AVERAGE can make calculations for us
i. Use Fx button on Formula Bar to show Insert Function dialog box
ii. Insert Function dialog box keyboard = Shift + F3
c. Cell Shows Formula Result and Formula Bar shows Formula
d. Formula Inputs
i. The numbers in the cells are called formula inputs because if you change them, the formula result will change.
e. Cell References in formulas allow the numbers (or other cell content) to be use by a formula. Then if you change the number in the cell, the formula will update
f. Relative Cell Reference "moves" as you copy a formula. Relative Cell Reference is a number of columns and rows away from the cell with the formula.
g. Absolute Cell References are Cell References that "Do Not Move" as you copy a formula.
i. When your cursor is touching a cell reference, if you hit the F4 key, the F4 key will put one dollar sign in from of the letter (column reference) and one dollar sign in front of the number (row reference).
ii. The dollar signs lock the column and row references so that they cannot move during the copy action.
h. Put Formula In Edit Mode keyboard = F2
16) Page Setup
a. Open Page Setup dialog box keyboard = Alt, P, S, P
b. Page Setup dialog box
i. Page tab
1. Orientation
2. Scaling
ii. Margins tab
1. Horizontal
iii. Header/Footer tab
1. Header 3 sections:
a. Preview
b. Built-in
c. Custom Header
2. Footer 3 sections:
a. Preview
b. Built-in
c. Footer Header
iv. Sheet tab
1. Set Print Area
17) New Keyboard Shortcut:
a. Format Cells dialog box keyboard = Ctrl + 1
b. Insert Function dialog box keyboard = Shift + F3
c. Put Formula In Edit Mode keyboard = F2
d. If formula in Edit Mode and Cursor is touching Cell Reference, then to put dollar signs in Cell Reference keyboard = F4
e. Open Page Setup dialog box keyboard = Alt, P, S, P

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