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Excel 2010 Magic Trick 661: AGGREGATE function Contains 19 different functions

Learn about the new Excel 2010 AGGREGATE function that can calculate these 19 different functions depending on what number you put into the 1st argument of the AGGREGATE function. This is an improvement over the SUBTOTAL function which only has 11 functions. The functions a
AVERAGE -- find the mean of a data set in a column.
COUNT -- count the number of numbers in a column.
COUNTA -- count the number of non-empty cells in a column.
MAX -- find the max of a data set in a column
MIN -- find the minimum value in a data set in a column
PRODUCT -- Multiply all the values in a column.
STDEV.S -- standard deviation of a sample set
STDEV.P-- standard deviation of a population
SUM -- add values in a column
VAR.S -- variance for a sample data set.
VAR.P-- variance for the population.
MEDIAN -- median value positionally in the middle.
MODE.SNGL -- New Excel 2010 MODE function -- the one that occurs most frequenctly.
LARGE -- find the 2nd, or 3rd, etc. Largest value in a data set.
SMALL -- find the 2nd, or 3rd, etc. smallest value in a data set.
PERCENTILE.INC -- Percentile the old Excel method (inclusive)
QUARTILE.INC -- Quartile the old Excel method (inclusive)
PERCENTILE.EXC -- Percentile the new Excel method (exclusive)
QUARTILE.EXC -- Quartile the new Excel method (exclusive)

Download files: http://flightline.highline.edu/mgirvin/ExcelIsFun.htm

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