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Excel Magic Trick #236: Excel For Home Improvement

See how to create a database for keeping carpentry measurements, then see Advanced Filter Extract Unique Records and COUNTIF function formula for calculating how many lumber pieces you need to cut for your home improvement project.
Use Excel For Home Improvement Calculations
Custom Number Format (Double Quote, Space, Single Quote, Single Quote, Double Quote): 0.00 " '' "
Create a list to collect data and to automatically bring formatting down as you enter data
The SUBTOTAL function requires that you know the numbering for each function. The easy way to figure this out is to use the Function Arguments Dialog Box and then click on the blue Help link.
Advanced Filter (2003 Data menu, Filter, Advanced Filter; 2007 Data Ribbon, Sort & Filter, Advanced Filter) can extract Unique Records: 1) highlight data (be sure to include Field name/Header); 2) click "Copy to another location", click "Unique records only", select "Copy to" cell.
The COUNIF function will count the number of occurrences in a range of values.

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