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Excel Magic Trick # 260: Delete All Invoices w TBO

Delete All Invoice Records That Contain an ID with "TBO" using the SEARCH function and Go To Formula Numbers.
SEARCH("TBO","65TBO367123632") would return 3, because the third character starts the text string "TBO" within the larger text string "65TBO367123632".
"Add a new column with this formula (where A2 and all the other cells in column A have the TBO items) and then copy it down:
This will give you a number when the items contains TBO
Then you can highlight that table, click F5 for Go To; Then click on the Special Button; Then click on the Formulas dialog button; then uncheck all the options except for number; then click OK
Then carefully right-click one of the highlighted cells, point to and then click on Delete; then click the dialog button for Entire Row; Click OK.

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