Simple Data Input Form for Tables in Excel - No VBA Required

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Project Video > Simple Data Input Form for Tables in Excel - No VBA Required

How to use a pop-up input form to add and remove data from any Table in Excel – this requires only a single click on a hidden Excel button and does not use any VBA (unless you want to automate the process with in-worksheet buttons).

This feature uses a hidden command called "Form" in Excel and it will work on any set of data that is kept as an actual Table (Insert Tab Table).

The Data Input Form that you will work with here allows you to do these things:

  • Input new records very quickly.
  • Delete records very quickly.
  • Go through an entire Table of data inside of a pop-up form.
  • Filter and search through the Table and display only the relevant records.
  • Perform multi-field filters on the data in the Table.
  • Revert accidental changes made to a record in the Table.

This is a great feature to use, especially when you have a Total Row on the bottom of your Tables and you want to make it easier to input new data into them.

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