Problems with "Get the Number(s) Out of a Cell..." (new TeachExcel UDF)


Hi Dan

Really like your macros and tips- very thought provoking and educational- thanks.

You just posted code for the UDF in the title but am I doing something wrong perhaps?

The UDF has a range as the input parameter "rCell" (via "Function GETNUMBER(rCell As Range, Optional Take_decimal As Boolean, Optional Take_negative As Boolean) As Double") but I had to change the command "sText = rCell" to "sText = rCell.Value" to get it to work at all.

I thought VBA generally took the value as a default so was a bit surprised. I'm using Excel 2013.

Anyone else have that problem?





Hmm, well I'm in Excel 2010 and everything worked fine for me.

I copied/pasted the code into a module and then used the funciton like this:


Not sure what the issue could be on your end.



Thanks Don

Apologies for wasting your time but I tried it again in a new Excel 2013 workbook and it worked fine this time. Think the problem might have been that yesterday I edtited the code before using (indenting so I could better understand Ifs and loops); suspect I introduced an error of some sort.

I find the way the switches operate currently doesn't suit me but (when I get a break at work) I'll use the code as the basis of an extrraction UDF. That or in a VBA sub to split text and numbers into cells).  Thanks for providing the impetus!

John_R (rep: 9) Aug 25, '16 at 3:31 am
No worries! And sorry about the indentation, some of the older stuff on here, like that macro, lost the spacing it once had. When I get the new system for uploading macros finished all spacing should be maintained in future macros and tutorials.
don (rep: 1521) Aug 25, '16 at 11:59 am
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