How to stop count if another cell contains specific


Hey there, so I am working on a document for work. The formula I am currently using is


which is basically counting down the amount of remaining days to the documents due date (cell I2).  Which this works great and all, however I would like to have the count end once the Status (Cell K2) says "At Division". 

H                        I                      J                    K

Until               Due Date          Item No          Status 

23                    9/15/2016          2708          EMPLOYEE SIGNED

Is this a possible task? Thank you in advance for any help!! (first time posting)



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Try this:

=IF(K2="At Division","End",IF(I2="","",I2-TODAY()))

Replace "End" with whatever you want to appear in the cell.



Thank you so much, worked awesome... Really appreciate it. 
lsimplicityj (rep: 2) Aug 24, '16 at 9:51 am
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