Mapping certain items from sheet to sheet and reorder


I am attaching a quote form I was working on. The links do not need to be linked I am going to chnage the form on Price Quote tab. It was to make sure my boss and I were talking about the same type of set up. The first tab is where he will punch in the info, the Price quote tab will be something similiar to what you see now. My issue is what is teh best way to make sure I only get what is out in on the quote tab. You will see I have some items pulling over but what happens when that itemm isn't filled in how do I make sure the items will move up to the next line on the description area on the price quote sheet. Hope this makes sence.

I forgot to mention that the light orange areas are/or should be dropdown menus (That are not working on the mac right now). These are getting pulled from a list on the last tab.


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