Putting 2 formuals into one cell



I want to put these 2 formulas ino the same cell.

=(COUNTIF(R8:V28,"D")+COUNTIF(R8:V28,"N"))*2 and =(COUNTIF(R8:V28,"D")+COUNTIF(R8:V28,"N"))*1



i am not sure what the resultant will be or what you are wantin it to be ... the formulas as written referance the same cell range and criteria... R8:V28,"D" and R8:V28,"N" then you multiply by 2 or 1 ...

given the equ from Don the resultant will be a number that represents "the total number of D's and N's in the given range of R8:V28, where the resulting 'values' from each side of the '&' will be 'joined' as one number.

for instance you find 26 D's and 24 N's in the cell range
1st eq left side of & is: 26+24=50*2=100  and the right side of & is: 26+24=50
final 'result' looks like: 10050

without knowledge of your spreedsheet, or desired goal i cant suggest a clear answer
jhixy (rep: 2) Aug 1, '16 at 1:05 pm
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It depends how you want to put them into a single cell...

Here is a way to "concatenate" them into a single cell:

=(COUNTIF(R8:V28,"D")+COUNTIF(R8:V28,"N"))*2 & (COUNTIF(R8:V28,"D")+COUNTIF(R8:V28,"N"))*1

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