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Variable Markup Formula


What is this formula to determine 4 levels of price mark-up of a product based on it's cost. Example:

     A                B               C                                                      D

Product         Cost     Marked-Up Product                        Mark-Up Levels

A Widget         .50            1.00                                               .01 - 50.00  =  200%

B Widget      55.00          96.25                                        50.01 - 100.00  = 175% 

C Widget    100.00         100.75                                     100.01 - 500.00  = 150% 

D Widget    500.00          675.00                                    501.00 +

The fomula is for column C to determine based on B cost which markup to use from column D and apply it to the original cost calculating the consumer price. The spread sheet I have has 786 rows of products to calculate from 4 markup levels.

Thank You




For the mark-up levels, that needs to be stored in two columns and with the data like this:

D      E

0      %markup

50    %markup

100  %markup

500  %markup

Then use this formula in cell C1 and copy it down:


This formula assumes that the data starts in row 1, that the cost is in column B and that the table with the markup is in column D and E, like I describe above.


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