how to assign and write coding for my button


I have created an order form template.  I can create a button but don't know how to code what I need it to do.  Once the order form is completed with the purchases that the buyer wants, I would like to click on this button and have it collate all the rows of items which the buyer did not place on.  Hope you can help....



And do what with it? You didn't provide much info. Be A LOT more specific.
don (rep: 1940) Jul 27, '16 at 11:01 am
Thanks Don. current spreadsheet is over 2 pages so my intent is to create a button to collate only the ordered items so that my spreadsheet can easily fit onto 1 page to print. Hope you can help....
Beginner Jul 30, '16 at 9:51 pm
I'm still confused about the specifics. Include a sample worksheet that shows how you want it to work and I will be able to help more.
don (rep: 1940) Jul 31, '16 at 10:04 pm
Hi Don, appreciate your assistance already so thank you!  My issue is, I sighted this worksheet and I want to replicate the button function for my worksheet.  Can I email you my worksheet to show you?  Let me know?  contact me on [email removed] I don't think I can attach a file here....thank you again. 
Beginner Aug 1, '16 at 10:11 pm
You can upload a spreadsheet here. Edit your original question and upload one there. Make sure no confidential information is in it before you do that though.

Also, I removed your email address; this is a public forum and if you list your email you will get spam from bots that scrape the site.
don (rep: 1940) Aug 2, '16 at 10:05 pm
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