Formula needed to calculate the difference between excel time and decimal time?


Hi all

my colleagues have input timesheets onto excel but the time element has been input incorrectly - for example 7 hours and 15 minutes has been put on as 7.15 (ad there maybe should have been a colon in there as opposed to a decimal) - this should actually have been put on as 7.25 because when you multiply the charge rate by 7.15 we are losing 10 minutes of charge to the customer. Is there a way for excel to do a calculation so that even if the time has incorrectly been input as 7.15, the calculation can automatically convert this to a decimal time - i.e. 7.25?

Thoughts gratefuly appreciated



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Use this formula:


A1 is the cell with the time.



Don can I say - thank you very much!!!! You REALLY are the DON!

Youve saved me hours of time!!

Many thanks
cookieboy111 (rep: 2) Jul 27, '16 at 11:20 am
Glad to help! :)
don (rep: 1775) Jul 27, '16 at 11:46 am
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