Problem with SUMIF and SUMIFS



This formula should sum anything in the Gift Card column (O) that has "BD" in the Pay Type column (D). For some reason it does not include "SALARY - BD-VP". The same thing happens when I use the SUMIFS formula.

The sum total should appear in L198 for Incentives Tax - BD (gift cards) on the attached spreadsheet. If the formula was working, the total amount in L198 would be $200 not $150.

I'm using Office 2016 Excel 2016. What am I doing wrong? 



Awesomne! Thank you so much! I've been trying to figure this out for four months. I knew it was something simple...It works perfect now!
awhitaker (rep: 2) Aug 2, '16 at 10:49 am
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Just change *BD with *BD*

, the * mean anything so first one will mean any cell that has BD in the last and when you put * after BD it mean any cell have BD inside it


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