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Hi Can someone please answer the following:

I want to move an entire line from one worksheet to another but only when another cell on the same line shows for example dead or sold


Sheet 1 shows


I want the entire line which contains full details of the animal in question to be placed in another sheet only when the formula above is entered to activate which category the animal falls under rather then just the formula above

The entire line shows

Animal ID - Breed- Sex- DOB- Active- Dead- Sold- Status. The formula above relates to Status.



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Dead or Sold, sounds so creepy lol - change to Heaven or Home :P.

Anyway, you just need to link cells. Here is a tutorial on linking cells in Excel


  1. Go to the first cell where you want the data to "import" and type =if( 
  2. Then go to the worksheet with the data and select the cell that will say Dead or Sold and then type ="DEAD" and then type a comma.
  3. Click the cell that you want to show if that one cell equals Dead.
  4. Type a comma.
  5. type if( and then repeat the last 4 steps (go to the worksheet that has the Dead or Sold cell and then click that and type ="SOLD" and then type a comma and then select the cell that has the data that you want to show if that value equals sold.
  6. Then, type a comma and input "" so nothing will apear if the value is not Dead or Sold.

Something like this:




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